All About Puerto de Mogan

Part of what you need to visit when you’re in Gran Canaria Island is Puerto de Mogán! It is a picturesque fishing village and popular marina , set at the mouth of a steep-sided valley on the south-west coast.

Canals linking the marina to the fishing harbour have led to it being nicknamed “Little Venice” or the “Venice of the Canaries”. Its beach (Mogán beach or playa de Mogán) has also a good reputation.

Along the marina, you’ll find an assortment of restaurants and bars, while the old town area is full of quaint, Mediterranean homes and cottages climbing up the hillside. Puerto de Mogan is a major stop for ocean yachts traveling from the Atlantic to the Caribbean. In case, like, you have a yacht and want to take it to the Caribbean.

If you don’t, it’s okay you can sail with Canarias Gay Boat tour as it departs from there.

On Fridays there is a very popular market which brings in tourists from all over the island.

Fun fact: Puerto de Mogán has very few buildings over two storeys high and the government of Gran Canaria restricts new buildings taller than this.

To check: Canarias Gay boat cruise, the mirador (viewpoint), the colorful houses, la marina (restaurants facing the port), the port, the beach, the market.

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